Tom Jones

Claim to Fame:  Singer, book, and movie

Real people:

Thomas S. Jones (shown):  Name has been in my family for at least eight generations.  Due to the meaning of the last name ("son of John") and the fact that the earliest ancestor with this name was named John Thomas (Jones), we may have a valid claim for earliest usage of this name.
Tommy Lee Jones:  Actor, can be seen in Men in Black, The Fugative, etc.
Sarah Marshall

Claim to Fame:  Movie (Forgetting Sarah Marshall)

Real people:

Sarah Marshall (shown):  School teacher in New York City.
Albert Einstein

Claim to Fame:  The Theory of Relativity

Real people:

Albert Brooks (shown with Sharon Stone):  Birth name was Albert Einstein, demonstrating the onus of having a famous name. (SAG rules probably also influenced the name change.)  His brother is "Super Dave" Osborne.
Michael Douglas

Claim to Fame:  Actor (Traffic, Jewel of the Nile).  Married to Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Real people:

Michael Keaton (Actor):  Real name is Michael John Douglas; has never changed his name legally.  Took his  stage name from Diane Keaton.
Michael Bolton

Claim to Fame:  Singer/songwriter.

Real people:

Michael Bolton (shown):  Character from the movie Office Space.  OK . . . not a real person, but the movie shows some of the problems of having to live with a famous name.
Jimmy Stewart

Claim to Fame:  Movie star (It's a Wonderful Life, and others)

Real people:

James Stewart (shown):  Semi-famous motocross rider.  There are lots of pictures of him on the web.
James Stewart:  One of my co-workers in the 1980's.  We went on a business trip once and the hotel cancelled our reservations because they thought it was a prank.  (My name's Tom Jones.)

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