Details:  Buddy Sorrell's wife on The Dick Van Dyke Show

Actresses:  Barbara Perry (shown), Joan Shawlee

Sightings (episodes):

Barbara Perry:
"Where You Been, Fassbinder?" "Sally is a Girl"

Joan Shawlee:
"The Sam Pomerantz Scandals"
"My Husband is a Check Grabber"

Trivia:  Where she grew up, everyone named Fiona went by Pickles.  (She was the only person in her neighborhood named Fiona.)

Details:  Half of the Penn & Teller magic team.  Unlike other entries who are never or almost never seen, Teller is almost never heard.


History Channel Special, Houdini: Unlocking the Mystery

A celebrity episode of Fear Factor

(Several other places)

Trivia:  Born Raymond Joseph Teller, legally changed his name to just Teller.

Details:  Norm Peterson's wife on Cheers

Actress:  Bernadette Birkett


"Thanksgiving Orphans" (all except her face, which is covered in pie, shown here)

Her voice is also heard in a few episodes

Trivia:  George Wendt's wife played Vera. Bernadette Birkett also played Tinkerbell in the episode, "Fairytales Can Come True," where we can see her face.

Morty Fine

Details:  Fran's father on The Nanny

Actor:  Steve Lawrence


"Ma'ternal Affairs"
"The Finale:  Part I"

Trivia:  Has a great singing voice.


Details:  Regular at Quark's bar on Star Trek:  Deep Space Nine.

Actor:  Mark Allen Shepard


"The Nagus" (laughter only)

Trivia:  Although we never hear him speak, the other characters say he's very talkative and tells the funniest jokes.


Details:  First wife of Niles Crane on Frasier

Actress:  (Unknown)


"Rooms With A View"  (face bandaged)

Trivia:  Maris is allergic to many foods.  She believe her allergy to chocolate gives her the right to park in handicapped spaces.

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